Ipage Review

There has been a lot of questions regarding the new name on the web hosting field-iPage. Lots of questions have been asked regarding what iPage is all about. Read below to get the full details…

iPage is a new web hosting provider. Though most people may have thought of them as fresh and less experienced, iPage founders are experts in web hosting and have accumulated years of experience before they launched the company. Nevertheless, the term new isn’t necessarily meaning they are new to the industry since they’ve been in existence for almost 10 years with established hosting companies, among them FatCow. iPage has been providing hosting for personal, bossiness, social and non-profit websites.

Price Review

Web hosting packages are offered at extremely cheap prices equipped with other advantages such as unlimited hosting price,  host limited domains, unlimited data transfer, free domain for life, free online store, free SiteLock security suite, Free point and click builder, free script library, outstanding reliability, free blog and free marketing tools. All this is provided for $3.5 a month.

Customer support

iPage customer satisfaction has been upheld very well so far.  They try to make customer experience an unforgettable one by giving them ultimate attention. The 24/7 support allows you to get to them using different methods, including phone, email and chat. In addition, they also give you a survey which helps them to access how satisfied you are and whether your issues were fully solved or not.


This is one of the very important parts of hosting. Uptime is essential for small businesses, blogs, websites and any other online service. iPage gives an overall uptime of 99.95% for their websites. With such results, it’s considered excellent.

Websites hosted by iPage have reported to load quite fast. The server speed and connection has also been noted as a good one, a reason why most business websites have opted for it.


A company that has ran a good reputation for the last 10 years and still considered best in its class shows a lot of reliability. Whether for small business or commercial scale, it has not disappointed its customers.

The company is also partnering with other big companies to ensure customers get great services. This will lower prices and allow them to enjoy gre4at services without necessarily burning their pockets.

Final word

In today’s world, people need to be very conscious of the environment while using technological services. In keeping such a concept, iPage also pays particular care to the environmental issues. Beside their environmental concerns, the company also assures its clients security especially when doing online transactions.

Though there are lots of god companies out there, but when it comes to deals, iPage is irreplaceable. There are lots of features which makes this company a high rated one. The use of fastest machines provides real deals for servers on run. This iPage review places special emphasis on the points which you get to know more about and helping you in making the right decision on matters of web hosting.